Finger-Thumb Splints

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  • Malleable Aluminium Finger / Thumb Splint
          Malleable aluminium splint for immobilization of finger Protects and stabilizes fractures of the distal finger joint Encloses finger injuries and protects on ...
  • Premium Finger Splint
          Foam padding assures comfortable fit Malleable aluminium splint folds to grip finger Maintains inter phalangeal joints in correct position   Product Code: OPPO-4281 Sizes: Small, ...
  • Aluminium Finger / Thumb Splint
          Lightweight aluminium protects injured finger Ventilated foam padding Folds over the end of the finger to provide protection and stabilization   Product Code: OPPO-4283 Sizes: ...
  • Finger / Thumb Splint
            Helps stabilize the phalangeal joints in position Malleable aluminium splint can be reshaped to hold Provides firm support while injury ...