Floor Sensor Pad

Designed for use with Nurse Call Systems, this Floor Sensor Mat is extremely durable and designed to last without wear and tear. It is supplied with Connection Adaptors for easy connection to most nurse call systems (including Intercall, Courtney-Thorne, Quantec) or remote sounders.

Floor Sensor Pad

889 x 609mm (35 x 24″)

Product Code: TN102 / TN103



Floor Sensor Mat for Nurse Call Systems with Connection Adaptors

Alerts a carer when a person is wandering.

Reduce the risk of falls

Placed at the bedside, doorway or other areasM46791_3_Floor_Sensor_Mat_For_Nurse_Call_Systems_With_Connection_Adaptors(1)

Connects easily to your nurse call systems

Extremely durable

Ideal for people who wander or at risk of falling

It can be placed at the bedside, doorway or other locations to activate the nurse call system when someone steps onto the sensor mat. Ideal for clients that wander or are at risk of falls. Anti-bacterial and easy to clean. Bevelled edge and textured surface reduce the risk of tripping.

Medium Mono 2xpin (1 x black band on pin)
medium Stereo 3xpin (2 x black band on pin)
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