Multi Tilt Chair

An innovative and dynamic design that solves the challenge of changing care demands.
Considered users, those who require:
• Postural support
• Pressure care management
• High leg elevation


Product Code: MULTI TILT

multitilt chair


Adapt the Multi Tilt to accommodate the user’s specific comfort and pressure management needs with interchangeable seat cushions, back cushions and headrests, all constructed from a range of specialist pressure care materials.

Support different postural requirements and vary sitting positions.

Separately adjust the angle and the height of the legs and feet by independently changing the leg and foot rest positions.

Choose from a range of healthcare grade fabrics suitable for infection control.

Maintain the integrity and longevity of the chair with hygienic quick change covers and replacement cushions.

Upgrade or replace support cushions as required to respond to changes in the user’s needs or to adapt the chair for a new user.

Our Multi Tilt chair enables the position of the user to be varied easily and carefully to help redistribute pressure over a larger area reducing the build-up of pressure and helping to prevent tissue damage. The back carefully reclines and maintains the user’s hip angle.

The Multi Tilt chair is a completely mobile chair and hoist friendly, supporting easy transfer.

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