Meet the Team

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Over several decades our team has gown in numbers and in experience. Understanding our clients’ needs, finding the best product and delivering on time – all tasks in the average day. With such a varied number of customers and large geographical area to cover we are all on-the-go with a full day every day. It is crucial that we work as a team to fulfill our clients’ needs knowing that what we do can have an effect on an individuals life. We all have to care to appreciate this and consequently get great satisfaction from our jobs.

Health Care Centre Wales – a caring company for the care industry.


Peter WilliamsPeter Williams
Managing Director
Anne Smart
Sales Director


Vicky Kirkmam


Kelly Ridgers

Chloe Price


Sara Burrows
Mobility Sales

Jonathan Woodhouse
Mobility Engineer


James Franklin

Clint Jones

Cledfryn Williams                                                           Scott Downing
Technician                                                                               Technician


Martin Williams

Mark Evans                                                                   Martin Williams

Warehouse / Deliveries                                                           Technician

Jeff Lee

Mobility Manager

Mark Palmer  














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